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  Laser Hair Removal    
  Rosacea/Diffuse Redness     
  Skin Tightening    
  Toenail Fungus    
  Pigmented Lesion Removal    

  Black       Brown       Reddish-brown       Light-brown       Light-blond       Red       White       Grey    

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  Upper Lip    
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  Full Body    
  Upper Back    
  Lower Back    
  Skin Tightening    
  Pubic Area    
  Upper Leg    
  Lower Leg    

  Type I: Always burns, never tans
  Type II: Always burns, sometimes tans
  Type III: Sometimes burns, always tans
  Type IV: Rarely burns, always tans
  Type V: Brown, moderately pigmented skin
  Type VI: Black/ Very dark brown skin

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